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Why you should know your symptoms well before trying to get medical support

Symptoms Of Coronavirus or Simply Flu or Cold


What are the Symptoms of the Coronavirus, Symptoms of flu & cold. Flu can be treated at home. comparison for symptoms of the Coronavirus, Flu and a Cold. How does coronavirus kill it’s victim.



The 2 Coronavirus Strain Affecting The World

All Recent Discovery, Studies You Need To Know About. The 2 strain of Covid-19 currently spreading around the world. L-COVID-19 and S-COVID-19. Means Of Transmission. Who are more at risk?

How your brain respond to a handshake.

 The neuroscience behind. How touch primes Oxytocin release. Chemical exchange occurring between each individual and how their brain uses those to subconsciously asses the individuals.




The effect water on pulse point of the body. How washing certain body parts can cool down your entire body and refresh your mind. 


The Science & Wisdom Behind


Sleeping Cat

dusting your bed every night


the only way to clean your bed sheet

Disinfectant, UV, nothing will work against dead skins cell you shed every night ; since you cannot kill something already dead. Learn about all the complications caused by dead skin on your bed.

instant noodles


what they won't tell you

Discover what you are really eating, all the chemicals you are ingesting and their potential risk to your health. 

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